Features of slimming services in Iran

Achieving the ideal body is one of the issues that many people around the world face and seek today. There have long been different ways to lose weight. But what distinguishes these methods is the degree of diversity in the criteria of individuals. One of the most important issues for people who are looking for losing weight is finding the most suitable slimming clinic to achieve the best results. Today, different slimming clinics have been set up, each of them offers different services. If you are looking for Features of slimming services in Iran, first of all, you should know what the characteristics of a good slimming clinic should be. First of all, you need to know what features a good slimming clinic should have.

Important criteria for a slimming clinic?

slimming services in Iran

1-Advanced devices

The type of devices that exist in different centers have a very important impact on the service of that center. Because usually the people who go to slimming centers are people with different limbs who are not overweight.
Today, the thing that has caught people's attention is losing weight in the fastest time possible. A point that builds more people's trust, and helps them achieve their ideal body. There are a variety of slimming machines.
In this regard, one of the Features of slimming services in Iran, having more than 15 types of devices in the field of slimming.

2- Slimming experts:

Slimming experts who work in this field, must necessarily have sufficient expertise in this field to carefully analyze the body of each person, according to the anatomy of the body, and the volume of fat in each area and the needs of the client, the best device Introduce and offer a special diet according to the type of device.
In this regard, Iranian Clinic is at your service with the most experienced slimming experts and the highest experience.

3- Permit and approval of the Ministry of Health

In this regard, one of the Features of slimming services in Iran, having Permit and approval of the Ministry of Health.  It is very important that the center you choose for slimming has the necessary licenses to work in both beauty and slimming, and must have a special approval from the Ministry of Health of Iran and can be installed in the clinic.

4- Sufficient experience in the field of slimming

You need to go to centers that have enough experience in the field of slimming and offer you a variety of portfolios of their services to ensure you get the desired result.

5- Operator skills

The operator or the person working with the device must have sufficient experience and skills in using slimming devices and appropriate grading according to the conditions of each person, and finally be fully acquainted with the device that works.

Useful Features of slimming services in Iran

slimming services in Iran
-Using the equipped device and update
-Performed by experienced operators
-Working in a clinic with several years of experience and licensed and

approved by the Ministry of Health

Types of slimming devices used in Iranian clinics
One of the Features of slimming services in Iran is the existence of advanced devices, some of them are mentioned below. 
-Multi power device: the latest coagulation device for shaping and lifting the face and body, cellulite treatment, wrinkle removal, lymphatic drainage
Eximia device: one of the newest slimming devices, treatment of localized obesity, reduction of cellulite, removal of sagging with skin lift, reduction of skin cracks.

Icon device:

Icon 2021 is one of the newest fitness and slimming devices in the world. Infrared laser and LED at the same time
Scalp shore body device: slimming without return and recovery in 25 minutes, the first and only hyperthermia laser slimming, lipolysis without surgery.

LPG device:

non-surgical body sculpting, size reduction, increasing blood flow and fat metabolism, body shaping, collagen stimulation and facial rejuvenation
Onda device: The fastest and newest device without the need for surgery with Cool View waves.

3D body scan:

measuring the percentage of fat, muscle and body water
Nutrition and diet therapy: under the supervision of a specialist, reduction of 4 kg per month, weekly control, appropriate to the family table
Pneumatic Analyzer: Calculation of overweight and BMI, detection of fat areas, estimation of water, metabolism and body fat.

Body Scalper:

Complementary device for eliminating body fat, using bio magnetic waves, treatment of fatty liver, reduction of abdominal size, muscle contraction, fertility treatment.



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