Thyroid eye disease or bulging eyes is one of the diseases that result from hyperthyroidism and some people are affected by it.

The thyroid eye disease surgery that you see in the video has been performed in Yazd province and Mortaz Hospital for the first time. The patient is affected by a thyroid eye disease which was the candidate for correction of the bulging of both eyes and his eyes were operated on from the inside through a transconjunctival approach without any scars or stitches. The surgery has led to approximately more than 2 mm movement of the eye to the inside.

Some of the different eye treatments conducted in Mortaz Hospital include:

  • Treatment of droopy eyelid
  • Treatment of lazy eye
  • Treatment of eye tumors
  • Cataracts
  • Treatment of eye socket fractures
  • Treatment of thyroid eye
  • Treatment of eye blepharoplasty by new methods: from inside the eye and without a trace of stitches and cuts

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