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Kidney stone removal without surgery

Kidney stone removal through a small percutaneous incision (PCNL)The video included in the following demonstrates a kidney stone surgery through a small skin incision, a procedure referred to as Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL). The surgery recorded in the video is being operated by Dr. Samad Nik...
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The surgery of thyroid eye in Mortaz Hospital

Thyroid eye disease or bulging eyes is one of the diseases that result from hyperthyroidism and some people are affected by it.The thyroid eye disease surgery that you see in the video has been performed in Yazd province and Mortaz Hospital for the first time. The patient is affected by a thyroid ey...
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Gastric sleeve recovery time

When you choose slimming surgery such as gastric sleeve; you should expect a healing process.
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