Face Lift (Plastic Surgery)

Forehead rejuvenation has two common methods.

  1. Endoscopic standard lift of eyebrows and frontal part of the forehead
  2. Pretrichial approach

It runs by small incisions 1 centimeter posterior to the hairline. The major steps in this method include creating an optical cavity, releasing the periosteum of the eye socket, and fixing the separated flap.

The Pretrichial approach is useful for patients whose hairlines are upward or it is possible to go backward in the future. In this approach, instead of small cutaneous incisions in the endoscopic method, the Pretrichial incision is used. The separation is done in the subcutaneous layers and a sufficient amount of forehead skin is taken and a crease is created in the frontal part of the forehead and it is closed in different layers and one of its advantages is shortening the forehead.

Midface Rejuvenation

The whole Midface must be evaluated in a patient who is a candidate for lower eyelid blepharoplasty. As age increases, the cheek falls and the orbit fat comes out. Variable degrees of Midface lift and SOOF upward taking with depletion and cautious moving of fat through a transconjunctival approach (one of the advantages of this center is having orbit fellowships proficient in entering this zone) can cause midface rejuvenation and remain a smooth contour between lower eyelid and midface.

Facelift in Mortaz Hospital

At last, if we want to speak for folks in summary, the endoscopic lift for face rejuvenation is done in this center and its advantages are sufficient vision during entering the subcutaneous zone and absence of injuries to the upper nerves of the eye, and complete separation of skin from the lower zone, skin smoothening of the forehead zone exactly to the upper part of nose bridge and part of the lower part of the eye and if the patient asks for, the midface rejuvenation as explained, will be done through intraocular surgery incision without stitches and pain and stitch marks and decreases age significantly.


Step by step Treatment

all steps are done without waiting and wasting time

  • Step 1 (Reception)
  • Step 2 (surgery)
  • Step 3 (release)
  • Follow-up

First of all you should know that the primary visit will have no expenses for you and so it is free and before starting the needed actions for surgery, a treatment plan is given to you and in case you would not prefer to have surgery, you can cancel your request without paying any money and ignore the surgery, but if you like to start the surgery process, the primary training is given to you after entering the hospital and final reception and with the help of the international patients’ section representative, you will be introduced to treatment personnel. After training and the first introduction, the blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, and body temperature are controlled and the physician does the primary evaluation on you and if needed, tells you to complete further examinations. According to the results of the examinations, it may be needed to prescribe drugs for you and at this level, all the needed information is given to you. Following this, a radiograph is taken before surgery and you will have a consultation session with your surgeon and if it is needed, an electrocardiogram is taken based on your physician’s diagnosis, and your heart condition is checked. After all of these levels, if it is needed, you will be visited by an internist and it is coordinated with the surgery room and finally, you fill out the consent form and get prepared.  

In the second step, according to the determined time, after training and before-surgery preparations, you will go to the surgery room and your surgery will be operated on. After finishing the surgery, you will be monitored by the surgery team until your body conditions become more stable, and then you will be transmitted to the hospitalization section. Until you get released from the hospital, essential nursing care such as drug therapy and serum therapy are done regularly until you follow the recovery process at home. For avoiding possible pain, pain killers that are prescribed by the physician should be prepared and used.

you will be visited and examined by the surgeon on the second day after surgery and all needed care training is given to you, all of the needed drugs are prescribed for you to follow the recovery process at home. It is worth mentioning that if needed and by the physician’s discretion, a longer period of hospitalization may be advised, otherwise you can be released on the second day.

It is better to stay in Iran for a week after discharge to avoid a long trip and to easily access the doctor and be examined if you need to. But if you want, you can return home any day you want from the day after the discharge. We will not leave you alone and whenever you have any questions, you can contact us or even have a video call with your doctor through the head of the department. In addition, your ward manager will be in touch with you in the first week after your discharge to ensure your health.

What services

are included in this package?

Ancillary accommodation services:

  • Issuance of medical visa
  • Travel within the city from the patient's accommodation to the hospital
  • Airport reception
  • Preparation of a plane ticket at your request
  • Local SIM card
  • Personal stuff package
  • Booking your desired hotel
  • Translator in The entire duration of treatment

Ancillary medical services:

  • Translator in different languages in the hospital
  • A nurse to accompany you
  • Medication
  • Free follow-up
  • Free consultation before treatment
  • Doing all affairs without waiting
  • Unlimited visits by the attending physician
  • All imaging issues
  • Heart consultation - Lung consultation
  • Blood test
  • All tests required
  • implants and required consumables


Packages prices


Basic (USD)

2000 $ - 3500 $ per
  • Stay in hospital 1/2 day

Doctors Name

Advantages of this surgery
  • Significantly reduces wrinkles - Rejuvenates the skin and slows down the aging process - Tightens the skin and stretches sagging skin - Increases self-confidence

Disadvantages of this surgery
  • Asymmetry of the skin after the lift with the thread - moving the threads under the skin


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