Internal Medicine Department

Internal Medicine Department

An internist diagnoses and treats internal diseases in adults. Internal physicians provide many care services, especially in hospitals. Whether we have a general illness or a more complex illness, the initial examination should be performed under the supervision of an internal medicine doctor. An internist is responsible for examining and diagnosing diseases that affect various organs and systems of the body. Patients who are admitted to Mortaz Hospital in Yazd due to internal diseases are mainly admitted in three ways. Some of them are emergency patients who have referred to the emergency department due to acute internal problems. This group of patients are admitted to the inpatient department at any time of the day and night after receiving initial emergency services, and they will be under the supervision of a specialist or subspecialist. The second group consists of patients who have referred to internal clinics for examination; The third group was referred to the hospital by other doctors. Specialist and subspecialist physicians in the fields of heart, lung, gastrointestinal, nephrology, neurology, oncology, blood and endocrinology work in this department.

To diagnose the problems of internal patients, the most up-to-date equipment is available to the doctors of this department. For example, in the field of gastroenterology, all the necessary facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases such as upper hemorrhage, lower hemorrhage and ERCP are provided with the most advanced equipment. Also, the hospital laboratory with a strong connection with the internal department and with advanced facilities, tools and experienced staff is able to provide the necessary services 24 hours a day. The medical instruments needed to diagnose internal diseases such as spirometry, electromyography, sonography, and echocardiography will be provided to physicians in this department as soon as possible.

Internal Medicine Surgery

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