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Orthopedic Department

Orthopedics is a specialized branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system of the human body. This system consists of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. The combination of these organs allows a person to move and perform their activities. The services of orthopedic doctors are provided to all patients of all groups of ages. For example, from infants with congenital foot deformities to adult athletes who need arthroscopic surgery, an orthopedist can help. This field of medicine also treats bone fractures. The orthopedic department of Mortaz Hospital in Yazd provides services in the fields of hip joint replacement, knee joint replacement, carpal tunnel, arthroscopy, ACL / PCL, clubfoot, hallux valgus, knee brace, and physiotherapy. It can be said that Mortaz Hospital in Yazd is the only hospital in the whole country that has a special ward for joint replacement. Arthroplasty is a type of surgery in which the moving surfaces of a damaged joint are removed; as a result, the joint performs its movements with less pain.

Many people think that an orthopedist is just an orthopedic surgeon; Or it only deals with pain with bone origin. But many of the pains that are felt in the hands and feet are caused by problems in the non-skeletal tissues of the body. For example, tendons are an important cause of limb pain. During exercise and sport activities and even daily activities, these tendons can stretch, causing inflammation and pain. The nerves in the limbs can be another source of pain. These nerves can be stretched and stimulated by the pressure of adjacent tissues on them, and this stimulation causes pain. So as you can see there are many reasons that can cause pain and in this case the orthopedist should find the root of them. In fact, orthopedics is a technique that seeks to correct changes in the body or prevent deformation of the body using physical exercises or various specialized devices. Short-term hospitalization of patients in Mortaz Hospital in Yazd is an advantage that is unique in the country, the Middle East and even Asia. In fact, the longer the hospital stay, the higher the risk of surgery for the patients. But patients are admitted to Mortaz Hospital on the same day of surgery. After the operation, their movement characteristics are checked to prepare them for leave the day after surgery.

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