Slimming Department

Slimming Department

Obesity is one of the problems that has arisen today due to unfavorable physical and mental health conditions. Factors such as depression, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy nutrition, or improper feeding hours cause us to see more and more patients in the community who suffer from cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases and obesity. Improper eating habits, Lack of mobility, lack of exercise, as well as mental health problems in today's life have led to metabolic disorders in people such as obesity and lack of fitness. Obesity itself can lead to serious diseases such as heart disease. Nowadays, experts and physicians working in the field of slimming have created new and up-to-date solutions to solve the problem of obesity in patients; thus making it possible for people whom obesity has become an unsolvable problem to them to achieve the desired fitness. Slimming department services at Mortaz Hospital in Yazd include gastric sleeve and gastric ballooning or gastric reduction, abdominoplasty, liposuction (abdomen and hips, thighs, arms), and sagging arm.

Today there are new ways for this group of people to help them achieve fitness. In addition to the classic ways such as regular exercise and diet, people today can use surgery to achieve fitness. Using scientific methods for slimming and fitness developed by experts in this field, people can remove excess fat. Today, various slimming devices can be found in specialized beauty and fitness clinics. In the slimming department of Mortaz Hospital, experts recommend appropriate treatment by measuring each person's condition and the amount of excess fat and cellulite in their body. In this way, it can have an optimal result for the patient. Today, many people, after not getting results from the usual methods of exercise and diet, turn to solutions such as surgery.

Slimming Surgery

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