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Mortaz specialty and subspecialty hospital was opened in 2004 and started working under the direction and management of the famous Iranian surgeon Dr. Hajeb Mortaz.
Mortaz Hospital tries to provide the best services with the highest quality in a calm, clean and beautiful environment by using committed, skillful, young forces and experienced doctors with experience and fame who are approved by the university.


Mortaz Hospital is the most modern private hospital in Yazd province, which provides the best diagnostic, care and treatment services by using technology equipment and advanced methods while maintaining transcendent values, in order to maintain and promote community health, with emphasis on quality treatment to the people of the Yazd province and neighboring provinces. In this regard, the hospital has provided safe and desirable medical services in a calm environment to strengthen the mental and physical comfort of patients and respect for patients' values is at the top of their agenda.
The medical staff of Mortaz Hospital consists of experienced physicians and surgeons, most of whom are the heads of the departments of hospitals of Yazd University of Medical Sciences or the head of their specialized group and prominent professors of the university, and many of them are professors who also organize abroad scientific conferences and seminars and there are very valuable articles in their resumes.
The infection control team of Mortaz Hospital is always - even in corona pandemic conditions - periodically and with the planning and supervision of the person in charge of infection control, are checking the quality level of the hospital. They prepare and review reports regularly and accurately. The person in charge of infection control also monitors the performance of staff, especially service personnel, on a daily basis and periodically trains staff.
Mortaz Hospital has received a child-friendly appreciation due to proper planning and proper operation according to university and global guidelines.
The hospital management, with the aim of keeping the scientific level high, with accurate and regular planning on a monthly and annual basis, retrains the personnel in all treatment categories and upgrades the scientific level of the medical staff.
Mortaz Hospital has been welcoming compatriots from other provinces of the country, especially the south of the country, since the beginning of its work, and so far more than half of the patients of this hospital have been from other provinces. With the help of its management team, the hospital has tried to identify the needs of patients and companions and plan to meet the needs of its guests, and has been able to satisfy patients and companions.

Health Tourism

From poor or war-torn countries to developed countries, each of these countries may have flaws in their health care system. For example, the long waiting list in European countries for the use of non-emergency medical services with insurance, the lack of specialists in war-torn or poor countries, the lack of medical centers, high medical costs in the private section or the skills and experience of doctors in destination countries in health tourism and several other factors have led to the formation of a new branch of tourism called health tourism in the world.

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Medical tourism in Iran

If you are looking to receive medical services abroad, we offer you Iran. Iran has a high potential in the field of health tourism. Why? Because it is a reliable destination, contrary to the negative publicity in recent years, which has been the medical destination of the region and its neighbors for more than 50 years, and the people of these countries have always traveled to Iran from the past to the present to seek medical services in the fields of treatment, beauty and slimming or to receive diagnostic services. Because they know that Iranian doctors are very experienced and skilled; they have the latest knowledge in the world and are working in equipped hospitals. In addition to the high quality of treatment, the low value of Iran's national currency, especially its sharp decline in recent years, has caused treatment cost in Iran to be much lower than private hospitals in the world. In short, Iran is a country that offers medical services of the highest international standard at a very competitive price. These are the factors that have made Iran a good destination for health tourists. Along with all these services, Iran's tourist attractions make this medical trip doubly attractive. Iran is full of cultural and historical attractions with a 5000-year-old civilization, religious attractions or nature tourism and nature therapy that can make a memorable trip for you.

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