International Patients Department IPD

This department was created with the objective of providing optimum specialized services to international patients compliant with the highest global standards. The department consists of highly-trained and professional personnel who endeavor to provide all requisite services to our foreign patients (prior traveling to Iran; during/after receiving medical services; upon returning to their country of origin).

Before your trip, we shall provide all medical advice/tips you may require (for free by an IPD doctor either online or via video call). Moreover, if you have a previous medical record or medical documents, you may send them to us (medical images, laboratory documents, etc.) and one of our specialist doctors will provide you with medical consultation regarding your request. The advice given by our physicians may be in any of these fields: treatment, diagnosis, cosmetic & slimming, dentistry or rehabilitation processes, etc.

Thereupon, if you are satisfied, a temporary file will be established for you in the Mortaz Hospital and a date will be scheduled for your trip to Iran. Furthermore, if you desire, we can take care of the travel reservations (airline ticket, etc.) for you.

In addition, we can procure a medical visa for you, using your medical records. This visa has more advantages than a tourist visa (up to 90 days stay in our country; your medical visa will be issued within 72 hours after request; costs half as much as a tourist visa).

For your convenience, a vehicle with a driver will be available from the moment you arrive at the airport and shall be at your disposal during your entire stay in Yazd.

For efficient communications purposes with our medical staff, the hospital employs translators (available 24 hours a day) in Arabic, English, Russian, Kurdish, Turkish and Azeri languages.

Upon arrival at our hospital, you will be taken to the IPD, where you will meet with the treatment staff and become familiar with the hospital environment. Thereafter, you shall be visited/examined by your doctor and the process of diagnosis, treatment and other steps will be defined by the hospital treatment team and you shall be provided with the necessary guidance/instructions.

If you decide in the affirmative and intend to pursue your treatment with us, your file will be completed and you will henceforth be admitted to our hospital.

After hospital admission, you will be moved to the room you've already chosen and your step by step treatment process shall begin consistent with your physician's instructions. At each and every stage, the requisite guidance/instructions shall be provided to you by our treatment staff and all required and necessary measures shall be taken to maximize your medical care/treatment.

The treatment staff is actively at your side until the end of the treatment process and will provide you with all the necessary care and rehabilitation training upon discharge. Your medical history and treatment process at this hospital and the results of procedures performed will be translated into English and/or Arabic and provided to you at the time of discharge.

FOLLOW UP: After discharge and return to your home country, we are still committed to fulfill your requirements & requests; we shall be at your service whenever you need follow-up, medical advice, etc.

Also, with the aim of reducing accommodation/travel concerns & hassles for our patients and their companions, Mortaz Hospital cooperates with a wide variety of high-quality hotels. Furthermore, we can arrange for tourist tours toward enjoying the unique and magical attractions of Yazd (as well as elsewhere in Iran). These tours are offered by some of the most reputable travel agencies in the country, under contract with Mortaz Hospital.

We have gathered a professional and experienced team in this department to provide you with all required services from the moment you board the plane until such time when you safely return to your homeland, consistent with best practices and highest international quality/standards. You can just focus on seeking health treatment and leave everything else to us. We'll take care of it.

Management & Personnel

Ms. Azadeh Sadeghian

International Patients Department Specialist

Dr. Mehran Mortaz

International Patients Physician

Department Services


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Unlimited Visits (Specialist Doctors)

Diagnostic/Laboratory Services & Imaging


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Internet Access (Inside the Hospital)

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Airline Ticket

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Health Tourism in Yazd Province

Apart from recreational attractions and climate diversity, the historical city of Yazd is a suitable place for tourists in the field of medicine. Yazd, due to the large number of specialists, sub-specialists, and dentists in addition to 20 public and private hospitals in the field of providing medical services is a significant hub in the country. For this reason, medical centers in Yazd province receive thousands of visitors every year seeking treatment from all over the country. Most medical tourists who choose Iran as a destination seek cosmetics surgery, eye surgery, infertility treatment, open heart surgery, spine surgery and organ transplants. These visitors are primarily from our neighbors such as Iraq, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, as well as countries in the broader region like China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, etc. What's more, there is another group of clients who come to Iran from more developed countries for the purpose of receiving highly-specialized treatments such as cosmetic surgeries (particularly rhinoplasty), weight loss surgery, plastic surgery, hair transplants, etc.

Our Partners

Patients who travel for medical services know that in addition to receiving high quality medical services, they also need ancillary services, accommodation and tourism. In order to be able to respond to the needs of our patients, we work with the best medical tourism companies in Iran that specialize in this work.

for more information about these medical tourism companies and their services Click here...

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