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Nature therapy attractions in Iran

In fact, nature therapy in Iran and other countries, refers to the treatment method based on the use of sunlight and clean air, eating organic foods, exercising and not using chemical drugs.
Travel to areas that have natural healing resources and services is called nature tourism. These natural resources and services include salt water or salt sea, bright sunshine, medical sludge, herbal baths, hot springs and generally a clean and calm environment, mainly to improve skin diseases, respiratory, rheumatism, Joint or to recover from surgery as easy as possible.
Health tourism is one of the most important and influential pats in the tourism industry and every year millions of people go to other countries to receive these services, and in the meantime, nature therapy is one of the main branches of this industry.


Sarein hot springs

One of the main centers of hot springs in Iran is located in Sarein, 25 km from Ardabil. The most famous of these springs are Sari Su (in Azerbaijani means yellow water), Qarasu (in Azerbaijani means black water), Besh Bajilar (in Azerbaijani means five sisters), Gavmish gali, Phanli Su and Sabalan water treatment centers.
It is worth mentioning that two cold water springs are located 5 km away from Sarein in valleys with beautiful views known as Villa Darreh, whose water is carbonated and tourists enjoy drinking their cool and refreshing water when using the spa pools. Fortunately, in recent years, favorable investments have been made in providing accommodation and tourism facilities in the city of Sarein and has made this city one of the main centers of tourism and nature treatment in Iran.


Teal Spa in Khalkhal, Ardabil Province

This spa is another source of natural and old hot water in one of the villages of Ardabil province where the language of the inhabitants is Azerbaijani Turkish and the occupation of the majority of them is animal husbandry and agriculture. Among the famous garden products of this region, we can mention walnuts, apples, pears, cherries and stewed plums.
This spa is not like other indoor spas, but is located a few meters beyond the Shahroud Chai River, which has cold and refreshing water, and is one of the nature treatment attractions in Iran, located in the Shahroud Khalkhal region.
To enjoy this spa, you have to go through Jafarabad village. In the middle of the road and in the depths of the valleys of this village, you will find this spa in a pristine and pleasant atmosphere next to pomegranate and fig trees.


Dehloran hot spring in Ilam

It is one of the most well-known hot springs in Iran, whose water temperature reaches more than 40 degrees Celsius and is one of the most attractive natural attractions in this province. The healing properties of this spring is a medicine for many diseases.
The many healing properties of the water of this spring, encourage many people to travel to this city every year. Of course, its features are not limited to therapeutic properties, but this natural attraction also has a unique beauty, and every tourist enjoys to watch the beauties of this region.
This amazing spring is located in the northern part, at a distance of about 3 km from the city of Dehloran, and around it, a resort center and medical sludge pools for tourists have been built.


Hot spring of Qale Kandy in East Azerbaijan

It is worth mentioning that on the Ardabil to Pars Abad road, there is Qale Kandy, where is a hot spring, and due to its location in a tourist area and the forests of Arasbaran, near the Aras border river and Khodaafarin Dam, many domestic and foreign tourists come to it; including tourists from the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Nakhchivan.
The healing properties of this spring are a lot and it is a great therapy for treating rheumatic diseases. The temperature of the water in the main spring reaches more than 70 degrees and in the pools reaches more than 60 degrees Celsius. Most orthopedic doctors recommend visiting this spa to their patients. Among the springs in this area, Yal Sui has a milder temperature than other springs.

Delfan hot spring in Lorestan

This spring is located in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains and about sixty kilometers from the city of Nurabad, between the mountains of Gole and Sefid Kooh and is known as a tourist place in Lorestan. Many tourists visit this spring every year, and according to health experts, this spring due to its various minerals, has a great effect on healing chronic pain.


Salt domes and caves

Salt domes and caves have an effective role in the treatment of diseases such as allergies, bronchitis, hypothyroidism, heart disease, hypertension, skin diseases, neurological diseases and stress. In some countries such as Germany, Italy, Azerbaijan, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, although they do not have natural salt domes and caves, builds artificial salt caves by importing large amounts of salt, and thus gains great benefits as the medical tourism industry booms.
In Iran, there are many natural and beautiful salt caves and domes in the provinces of Azerbaijan, Semnan, Qom, Yazd, Kerman, and especially the salt caves of the Persian Gulf and the southern cities of the country.


Lake Urmia sludge treatment

One of the special sources of nature therapy in Iran is the existence of salt lake in Urmia and the use of proven healing properties of the sludge of this lake. The sludge in this lake with its various mineral salts, especially chlorine, sulfur, iodine, iron and various organic substances, is one of the first-class medical sludges in the world and in the treatment of many diseases such as skin and rheumatic diseases, and gynecological diseases. It is especially useful and effective for pelvic inflammation and many other diseases.
The healing properties and amazing effects of the sludge of this lake have been confirmed and registered by many reputable medical centers in the world for many years. In the past, in addition to transporting large quantities of these sludges to the Soviet Hospital in Tehran (currently 15 Khordad), for the treatment of patients, they were also sent to several foreign countries.


Sand therapy in Kerman

Reagan sand dunes and Ferdows Rafsanjan sand dunes are among the pristine tourist areas of Iran and are a great destination for medical tourists. Spring is the best time to experience sand therapy in Reagan and Rafsanjan in Kerman province. Therefore, every year a large number of tourists travel to Kerman province for this purpose. In Ferdows Rafsanjan, there are 30 hectares of sand dunes that have a high capacity to attract tourists seeking treatment. These sands are useful for treating diseases such as osteoporosis. It is also exciting and enjoyable for fun and sports.
Every year, the highest sand dunes in the world host patients who take refuge in the sands of the Lut Desert to treat their joint pain. It is worth mentioning that medical tourist conditions have been provided in these areas. Reagan city in the east of Kerman is also one of the pristine tourist areas of Iran. Reagan's most important tourist attraction is its dunes. Known as the largest sand dunes in the world, these sand dunes are a great place for medical tourism.


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