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Dr. Hajeb MortazFounder & President Mortaz Hospital

Dr. Mortaz has had a decades-long successful and brilliant career in being a physician, a surgeon as well as a hospital/medical center executive/administrator. Moreover, he is among the most Well-known surgeons in the country with an excellent reputation that medical professionals are aware of throughout Iran. Furthermore, since the establishment of Mortaz Hospital until today, he has been in charge of running the hospital as its Founder & President.

  • Dr. Hajeb Mortaz, Founder & President of Mortaz Hospital, was born in Yazd, Iran (1931).
  • He completed his medical school education in Tehran.
  • He successfully passed the specialized surgery course under Professor Adl.
  • Professor Adl is renowned as the father of modern surgery in Iran.
  • Dr. Mortaz was among the outstanding (leading) students studying under the tutelage of Professor Adl.
  • For his postgraduate work, Dr. Mortaz moved to the United Kingdom to study Orthopedics & Pediatric Surgery.
  • From 19601977, Dr. Mortaz served as Director of Surgical Department, Kargaran Hospital, Yazd.
  • From 19611988, he served as General Manager of Goudarz Hospital, Yazd.
  • In 1962, he successfully established the first operational Blood Bank in Yazd Province.
  • In 1971, Dr. Mortaz founded the Morad Medical Group.
  • In 1976, he set up an educationaffiliated nursing school.
  • In 1986, Dr. Mortaz established the AliIbn AbiTalib Medical School, affiliated with Yazd University.
  • In 1989, he established the Abadis Medical Group.

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