Cardiovascular Department

Cardiovascular Department

In the cardiovascular department of this center, with the presence of an interventionist, people with coronary and peripheral vascular problems, as well as those patients who need stents and balloons can use the services of this doctor. By undergoing an intervention course, a cardiologist can perform interventional and invasive measures on patients' cardiovascular systems. These include reopening the arteries of the heart and organs through stents and balloons, reopening narrow heart valves with balloons, and similar treatments that are actually performed without surgery. In this center, with the presence of a phlebologist, services to patients with problems in the field of varicose veins, venous insufficiency, and venous disorders are provided. There are also a number of general cardiologists who can perform the entire diagnosis and treatment process.

1.Prevention Clinic: A prevention clinic diagnoses and treats disease risk factors, diagnoses heart disease, diagnoses micro factors, treats and controls micro factors, treats and controls heart disease. As a result, a laboratory, an internist, a cardiologist and even a psychiatrist are needed. By performing laboratory steps, diagnostic steps, echocardiogram, exercise test, ECG, and holter blood pressure device, the prevention steps can be done completely.

2.Cardiac Clinic: In this clinic, the steps of diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases are performed. Diagnosis steps are performed by echocardiogram, ECG, exercise test, blood pressure holter, etc. In the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, concomitant diseases are also considered to correctly diagnose whether it is lung or heart disease. If patients need medication, all treatment steps can be done here. And if there is a need for more specialized treatment such as Cath lab, angiography, PCI, heart surgery, etc., with the strong connections of this center with other medical centers, they will be referred to the relevant centers from here. This means linking to relevant centers in the field of cardiovascular is also one of the strengths of this center.

3.Vascular Clinic: The vascular clinic of this center performs the stages of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of vascular diseases, arterial diseases of the lower limbs, varicose veins and venous insufficiency of the lower limbs. So patients who face these problems can benefit from the services of this center. Having a radiologist to perform diagnostic services in this clinic is also one of its features. And thus provides a complete package for the vascular clinic.

4. The stages of preparation of patients before non-cardiac surgeries to minimize the possible complications of various surgeries with different risks are performed in this center under the supervision of cardiologists.

5. Special care after surgery for high-risk patients is another service of this center.

The CCU department in this hospital works with full facilities and accompanied by the radiology department to diagnose vascular diseases, including arterial stenosis, venous stenosis, and venous insufficiency in order to serve patients.

Cardiovascular Surgery

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