ENT Department

ENT Department

Otolaryngologists treat patients' problems about hearing, smell, taste and respiratory problems. Also, cosmetic procedures on the head, face and nose are other things that are done in the field of ear, nose and throat. Treatment of nasal polyps, laryngeal lesions, and head and neck tumors is the responsibility of the ENT specialist and is performed in the hospital's ENT department. Some of the most common problems that force patients to consult an ear, nose and throat surgeon are: earache, hearing loss, obstruction or tinnitus or dizziness, snoring, loss of sense of smell, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing due to throat problems, cosmetic procedures, etc.

The ENT department is one of the active departments in Mortaz Hospital, which includes diagnostic and treatment centers in this field. Thanks to the gathering of specialized and subspecialty otolaryngologists in this collection, many surgeries related to this field of medicine are performed, some of which are unique in the country. Here are some of these surgeries.

1. Ear surgeries

Correction of the infection includes tympanoplasty - tympanomastoidectomy

Hearing correction includes stapedectomy, cranial bone correction, hearing aid implantation

Improve dizziness including IT injection

Treatment of tumors of the auditory system including acoustic neuroma, glomus

Temporal bone resection

Treatment of Eustachian tube disorders

2. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty - correction of respiratory problems

Nasal tumors

Respiratory-cosmetic prostheses

3. Sinus surgery

Today, the treatment of infections and tumors and fungal infections of the sinuses is often done by closed and endoscopic methods. In this center, complete equipment and facilities are available to the medical staff.

4. Skull base surgeries

It can be said that this category of operations is performed, with the cooperation of the team of neurosurgeons, in this center in a completely excellent way which is comparable with the world's best centers. It includes the following:

Closed-line treatments for brain tumors

Correction of cerebrospinal fluid leakage

Modification of tear system problems DCR

Orbital and optic decompression seen in thyroid patients

5. Laryngeal and pharyngeal surgeries to remove tumors and other related diseases.

6. Thyroid and parathyroid surgeries are performed with the help of monitoring the nervous system during surgery.

7. Salivary gland surgeries are performed with the help of monitoring the nervous system during surgery.

8. Jaw surgeries that include fracture repair and tumor treatment.

For example, patients may suffer from a simple pain or discomfort or severe pain in the ears; Hearing problems, obstruction or tinnitus, or patients with sinus problems, snoring, loss of sense of smell or allergic reactions, or patients suffering from facial paralysis are also referred to this section.

Also, rhinoplasty is another service provided in Mortaz Hospital in Yazd. In the end, it should be said that Mortaz Hospital is one of the surgical centers of ENT in Yazd and the south of the country.

ENT Surgery

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