Urology Department

Urology Department

Department of Urology / Department of Kidney and Urinary Tract

In the urology department of Yazd Mortaz Hospital, operations such as prostatectomy, nephrectomy, varicocele surgery, PCNL, TUL, TURP, and cystoscopy are performed. Prostate surgery, also called prostatectomy, is one of the most difficult urological surgeries. Prostatectomy involves surgical procedures to remove part or all of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is located in the males' hip and below the bladder. Many doctors consider radical open prostatectomy to be the best treatment for prostate cancer; provided that the cancer has not yet spread to the out of the prostate tissue.

Nephrectomy is another service of this hospital, which is a surgery to remove the kidney or part of the damaged kidney to treat kidney cancer or other diseases and kidney injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes kidney removal is the only way to save the patient's life because of serious kidney damage.

Varicocele surgery is the most common procedure performed to treat infertility in men. In varicocele microscopic surgery, the testicular artery is not damaged and its recurrence rate is much lower than other surgical methods. Surgery and restoration of varicocele prevent further damage to testicular function. In a significant percentage of men, this surgery improves sperm production in the testicles as well as the function of male hormone-producing cells. Urologists at Mortaz Hospital in Yazd also perform cystoscopy diagnostic surgery. Cystoscopy is a diagnostic procedure performed with the help of a small camera called a cystoscope. The cystoscope is inserted into the urinary tract and transferred to the bladder to allow the urologist to see inside the bladder. Sometimes, if necessary, small surgical instruments can be inserted into the bladder through a cystoscope so that the urologist can treat some bladder problems at the same time. Another use for cystoscopy is to prepare a tissue sample or biopsy to look for problems like bladder cancer. PCNL or removal of kidney stones, intracranial lithotripsy or TUL, and prostatectomy (TURP) are other services of the urology department of Mortaz Hospital in Yazd.


Urology Surgery

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