Neurosurgery Department

Neurosurgery Department


People often think that neurosurgery is limited to brain surgery; But it is not. In fact, this specialty is related to the diagnosis and treatment of all patients who suffer from injury or disease in the brain, spinal cord, spine and nerves around all parts of the body. Neurosurgery services include pediatric and adult patients. A doctor who specializes in neurosurgery is called a neurosurgeon. Therefore, as mentioned, the work of the department of neurology, in addition to brain surgery, includes services to patients who, for example, suffer from back and neck pain or other diseases in this field. The department of neurology at Mortaz Hospital in Yazd, with the latest and most up-to-date neuromonitoring equipment, advanced microscopes, and advanced ultrasonic devices similar to those used in equipped hospitals in Tehran, is working in this field.

One of the specialized neurosurgery performed in Mortaz Hospital in Yazd is microsurgery of cervical and lumbar spinal canal stenosis. In the neurology department of this medical center, pituitary and sella turcica surgeries have been performed for many years in accordance with international standards and with the help of a joint team of neurosurgeons and ENT surgeons. Spinal cord cancer surgery, lumbar disc surgery and lumbar spine fusion are other surgeries in Yazd Mortaz Hospital in the field of neurology. These surgeries are performed in this center using advanced neuro-monitoring devices and using ultrasonic aspirators and up-to-date microscopes. These heavy and advanced surgeries are performed in Mortaz Hospital in Yazd with the help of experienced anesthesiologists and neurosurgeons. These patients who undergo these surgeries need specialized care after surgery; They can receive post-operative care by skilled nursing staff in the intensive care unit.

Neurosurgery Surgery

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