Ophthalmology and Retina Department

Ophthalmology and Retina Department

Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine that provides medical and surgical care for the eye and structures related to the visual system. The scope of ophthalmology specialization is expanding day by day. An ophthalmologist specializes in medical care and eye surgery, as well as in the prevention of eye diseases and eye injuries. Ophthalmologist can provide complete eye care, including services related to vision, eye examination, eye care, surgery and diagnosis, and treatment of the disease and improvement of the complications of other diseases such as diabetes. Ophthalmic surgeons deal with the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of the eye, eyelid, and lacrimal duct. Cataract, glaucoma, vitrectomy, cross-linking, strabismus, tear duct opening, and eyelid cosmetic surgery are performed under the supervision of an experienced staff and great ophthalmologists in the eye and retina department of Mortaz Hospital. These surgeries are performed in Mortaz Hospital with up-to-date and advanced devices. All ophthalmic devices used in this hospital are from the best brands. Mortaz Hospital in Yazd is equipped with an OCT retinal imaging device that captures retinal layers with high resolution. This new technique is known as Optic Coherence Tomography. This device is used to diagnose many retinal diseases.

Almost all the surgeries related to eye are performed in this medical center; This can be considered as one of the significant strengths about this hospital. There are also two to three subspecialists in different ophthalmological branches of this center. It is noteworthy that in other private ophthalmology centers in the country, only a part of eye surgeries is performed. However, performing almost all eye surgeries in Mortaz Hospital has made it one of the unique medical centers. Since the clinic and the eye surgery ward at this hospital run in parallel and are updated, this has a positive effect on the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.


Ophthalmology & Retina Surgery

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