Cataract is a common eye disease in which the natural lens of the eye behind the iris and pupil becomes blurred. Cataract surgery is one of the most common eye surgeries. Cataract can be considered the most common cause of decreased vision in people over 40 years of age and also the main cause of blindness in the world. This disease occurs when the natural lens of the eye loses its clarity. In this way, its color changes from lightness to white or dark. Due to this change, opacity is obtained, which prevents the creation of a clear image in the eye. Cataract in the early stages blur only a small part of the lens and do not cause much of a problem; But in most cases, more and more of the lens is involved and vision is impaired. Gradually, this opacity increases and the patient loses his sight. Cataract surgery is needed at this time. The rate of cataract progression varies from person to person and can progress over several years. But it should be noted that the rate of progression in young people or those with diabetes is very high. Cataract surgery in Mortaz Hospital in Yazd has been performed by Phacoemulsification method for many years.

Signs and symptoms of cataract

As it was said before, cataract is small at first and have little effect on vision. In the early stages, the sufferer notices that their vision is a bit blurred; as if they see everything through a blurred glass. Cataract makes lights, such as sunlight or light bulbs, shine brightly. The patient with cataracts finds the ambient light dazzling and annoying, and these lights annoy his eyes severely. However, cataract may cause the sufferer not to see the radiance of the colors as before.

So the sign of a cataract is a gradual blurring of vision without pain, inflammation or any other problem. Cataract in Mortaz Hospital in Yazd can be easily diagnosed by examination by qualified ophthalmologists. There are several reasons for cataract, but the most common is aging. Other causes of this disease include trauma to the eyes, medications, internal diseases such as diabetes, metabolic and infectious diseases. It should be noted that children are also likely to develop this disease and the cause is generally congenital and hereditary. However, internal and general diseases can also cause cataract in this age group.

In general, the most common and important symptoms of cataract disease are the following:

  • Blurred vision; Decreased vision
  • Extreme sensitivity to light and brightness and seeing the halo around bright lights
  • Loss of luminosity and fading of colors
  • Low visibility at night
  • double vision or multiple vision that become more severe as the severity of cataract increases
  • Increased nearsightedness (myopia), continuous increase in the number of spectacles and lenses

Cataract treatment

Definitive treatment for cataracts is surgery. With cataract surgery in Mortaz Hospital in Yazd by experienced eye surgeons, the patient's blurred lens is removed from his eye and an artificial lens is inserted instead. The result of cataract treatment with surgery is very positive and effective. A device called a phacoemulsification is used to remove the lens of the eye. After removing the natural lens of the eye, a folding artificial lens is placed in the patient's eye and replaces natural lens. In this way, with cataract surgery, the patient's visual condition improves quickly.

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