Iran medical tourism statistics

Due to the importance medical tourism in the world, in this article, Iran medical tourism statistics and Iran's ranking in medical tourism has been studied.


Iran medical tourism statistics



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Medical tourism in Iran

The high cost of private treatment and low quality health systems in the region has increased the demand for Iranian medical services. Those from Islamic countries are attracted, especially in Iran, because they feel more secure and satisfied than Arab or Asian countries that provide similar services.
Iran medical tourism statistics indicate that There are 270 hospitals active in the field of medical tourism in Iran, in which 125 centers have so far received official licenses from the Strategic Council for Medical tourism, which includes representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, ICHHTO and the Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Geographical proximity, hot and cold mineral springs in different parts of the country as well as low cost and high quality medical services in the fields of fertility, stem cells, dialysis, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery and eye surgery New opportunities for the growth of the  medical tourism industry Iran  has created. Iran has a high potential in the Medical tourism industry. A unique combination of experience, facilities and natural resources is the key to the success of Iran's health care system. Iran offers a wide range of medical services through a wide network of well-equipped hospitals and rehabilitation centers at reasonable costs.



iran medical tourism

Iran ranks in Medical tourism


According to the results of research, cheap prices are no longer just a goal of Medical tourism, and the quality of medical services and equipment is an important factor in choosing a destination for Medical tourism. Iran's medical tourism sector is compatible with new trends in the global market, which is mainly from the borders of established, cultural and various travel countries. In May 2019, Iran medical tourism statistics indicated that the number of tourists traveling to Iran for advanced medical care had grown by 40 percent in the past five years.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO Iran medical tourism statistics indicate since 2000, Iran has been ranked 58th in health care and 93rd in health system performance. As we know today, Iran is known as a destination for Muslim treatment and has attracted thousands of visitors from the Persian Gulf countries.
In the latest report on the competitiveness of travel and tourism by the World Economic Forum, Iran has climbed four steps and is ranked 93rd. According to a report published on the official website in 2017, Iran ranks eighth in the Middle East. "Iran's overall score in 2017 is 3.4 out of 7," the report said. "Starting at different levels, Iran, Bahrain, Morocco and Algeria have all significantly improved their security." The biennial report, which includes 136 countries in 14 groups, shows how countries can deliver sustainable economic and social benefits through their tourism sectors.


Iran's rank in the medical tourism industry

Iran maintains its global ranking in the "price competition" category, which shows how expensive it is to travel or invest in a country. The next best place in the country in the category of "cultural resources and business travel" is that Iran is ranked 38th in the world. The country also does not rank well in the categories of "travel and tourism prioritization" and "tourism services infrastructure" and is ranked 117th and 116th, respectively.