Iranian hospital maternity package

One of the concerns of pregnant mothers is having the best choice of hospital maternity package. In this article, we are going to help you choose a good hospital for your accouchement and we will tell you what to consider. 


Iranian hospital maternity package

Factors for choosing a hospital maternity package

If you want a safe childbirth or a safe cesarean section, you must first find a good obstetrician who performs in a good hospital. Since specialists perform accouchements in different hospitals, you should consider the following points in choosing a good hospital maternity package for your accouchement:
-Type of accouchement and hospital facilities: The accouchement method is determined by the doctor according to the condition of the mother and the fetus. Try to choose a hospital that is equipped with the hospital maternity package for each type of accouchement that is prescribed or you prefer.
-Private room: If you think you need to rest in a private room after childbirth, be sure to check with your hospital to see if it is possible for them.
-Spouse presence: Not all hospitals allow your spouse to be with you during accouchement. If you need to be present during accouchement, be sure to choose a hospital that has such an option.
- Accouchement team: For vaginal or cesarean accouchement. If you are considering a specific hospital, Make sure your doctor gives birth at that hospital. If you need a companion midwife, you should also make sure that this facility or permit is available to you. 



Iranian hospital maternity package

The best hospital maternity package of natural childbirth


Painless natural childbirth is performed with different and new techniques. Selecting vaginal accouchement is the responsibility of the surgeon and he makes this choice based on the condition of the mother and fetus. Iranian hospital maternity package is presented as follows:
-Painless natural childbirth
Painless natural childbirth at Iranian Hospital is under the supervision of an anesthesiologist and is performed using epidural anesthesia (spinal) or Entonox gas. Using these drugs has no side effects for mother and fetus.
-Natural childbirth in water
Natural childbirth in the water is performed in accouchement rooms equipped with a bathtub and Jacuzzi. Natural childbirth in water helps the mother to have less pain during vaginal accouchement.
-Physiological accouchement 
Physiological accouchement is a painless normal accouchement that takes place without the intervention of medication. In Iranian Hospital, hot and cold compresses, massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, and sleeping in suitable positions are used to perform physiological accouchement and reduce maternal pain.
All natural childbirths at these hospitals are performed in advanced LDR rooms equipped with modern medical equipment. So, if you need equipment or a mandatory cesarean section, these facilities will be provided to you immediately.