When is a breast lift medically necessary?

Breast lift surgery or mastopexy is a popular medical procedure that gives women the opportunity to have beautiful breasts and an attractive body. Since the shape and appearance of breasts in women can be changed for various reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain and loss, age, and even gravity, taking advantage of the benefits of this method can help them to restore the natural and original shape of the breasts.

Since 2000 Statistics show that the use of breast lift has grown by 70% compared to the past. A topic that shows the increasing popularity of this operation among women all over the world. This will make the feeling of youth and freshness return to the person's breasts and ultimately she will feel better about her appearance. Breast deflation is a natural issue and happens to everyone more or less, and some women decide to go back to the previous situation by standing up for this change.

When is a breast lift medically necessary?

What is breast lift surgery?

In this medical method, the skin and nipples are stretched upwards to make the breasts more beautiful. The changes that occur in the skin and tissue of the breasts over time will cause their elasticity to decrease and they will become sagging. Many women do not like to have sagging breasts and prefer to return these important parts of their body to their former state. Maybe once it was not possible to do this, but now a simple operation can change everything and create an attractive shape for one's breasts.

Science is constantly progressing and this progress has been able to change the mechanism of achieving beauty standards in different people. Now there is no reason to worry about any changes in the body. Because in many cases, science makes it possible for a person's body to regain its beauty and return to the state of youth. Of course, some people may not have a problem with the sagging shape of their breasts, but a breast lift gives a person a new right to choose. It is up to her to decide what to choose for her breasts.

Benefits of breast lift surgery

Mastopexy is one of the cosmetic surgeries that gives a very attractive look to the breasts. Performing this surgery can have many benefits for women, and it completely depends on the patient's goal, and why she intends to perform this surgery.

-Raising the breasts and having a standing and beautiful posture

-Tightening the breasts and removing sagging and laxity

-Change nipples

-If the patient wants to place implants, the volume and tissue of the breast will be shown as full.

-Breast symmetry and coordination.

Consultation with a doctor to perform breast lift surgery

Consultation with a doctor to perform this surgery is one of the requirements that patients are recommended to perform. This counseling session helps the patient to express all her wishes and expectations and the doctor also makes a suitable decision for her. The specialist doctor tries to perform a satisfactory operation by performing all the necessary evaluations and physical examinations. Also, by deciding on the patient's need to place or not to place implants, it can help the beauty of the breasts more.

When is a breast lift medically necessary?

How to perform breast lift surgery

breast lift surgery is performed in a specialized clinic under anesthesia, and the patient will not feel anything during the surgery due to complete anesthesia. Of course, in addition to complete anesthesia, the option of intravenous sedative injection can also be used by the doctor. Before operating, the doctor chooses the best possible option for the person and shares this choice with the person applying for the operation so that the final decision is made by her.

After anesthesia or sedative injection, the stage of cutting the breasts takes place. There are usually three general methods for this cut. The first method is a circular cut in the brown area near the nipple.

The second method is a circular incision around the nipple and a vertical incision below this area, and the third method, except for the circular and vertical incisions, is formed with a vertical incision in the breast.

last word

Each of these methods is chosen according to the condition of the person's breast and the condition and possibilities of surgery. After making the cuts, the critical stage of the operation will come. A step that will change the shape of the breasts and choose a new mode for them. At this stage, the breasts become firmer and slightly raised. If necessary, part of the skin will also be removed at this stage. Closing the incisions is the last step of the operation.


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