Ophthalmological examination

Ophthalmological examination includes a series of vision tests that are performed by an ophthalmologist to check the health of the eyes. The ophthalmologist examines different parts of the eye using special devices. We need 1-2 hours for a complete eye examination. By using ophthalmological examinations, diseases of the eyes and visual system are diagnosed and treated in the early stages. Periodic eye examinations should be done to take care of the eyes.



ophthalmological examination

During a complete ophthalmology examination, the doctor does more than simply prescribe glasses or contact lenses. During these examinations, your eyes will be checked for common eye diseases and whether the two eyes work in harmony with each other, and based on the examination of your eyes, there may be diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, tumors, brain diseases and other diseases in other parts of your body.



Symptoms of eye diseases

Eye diseases and disorders may cause symptoms that are common to different diseases. As an example, many diseases such as cataracts, destruction of the macular retina due to old age, the formation of a curtain on the macular, opacity of the cornea and many other eye diseases can cause blurred vision, which after examination and full investigation of the main cause will be recognized.
In order to accurately diagnose diseases and disorders of the eye and visual system, you must undergo a complete ophthalmological examination by an ophthalmologist. Eye injuries, sudden changes or loss of vision, and eye pain can be signs of serious problems that require immediate attention. If you have eye or vision symptoms, call your eye doctor. Always consult your doctor about your health and seek treatment if you have any concerns about your eyes or vision.