When you choose slimming surgery such as gastric sleeve; you should expect a healing process. This means that care after surgery is as important and effective as before and even the surgery. Ignoring and not complying can prevent you from achieving the desired result. So, you are ready for surgery; you have chosen your doctor and everything is already planned and your great day is coming soon. But what is life like after gastric sleeve surgery? What happens? What is the gastric sleeve recovery time like?


Gastric sleeve



How long does it take to recover from the gastric sleeve?


An important advantage of gastric sleeve surgery is that it is performed with a laparoscopic (minimally invasive) method. By making several small incisions on the abdomen, the patient is operated on under complete anesthesia. These cuts also heal quickly and their effect usually does not remain. Therefore, it is normal that the Gastric sleeve recovery time is done quickly. 6 hours after the surgery, the patient can usually get out of bed. At this time, a little walk is very useful for him/her and prevents blood clots, especially in the leg area. After 2-3 days, the patient can return to his/her normal life activities, but he/she should refrain from heavy physical activities (such as lifting heavy objects). Strenuous activities may cause stitches to loosen and bleed.


Gastric sleeve


What activities can you do after gastric sleeve?


As mentioned in the previous title, the patient can return to work after three days, but his/her working hours are limited (2-3 hours), but after a week, he/she can resume his/her normal life and work routine. During the Gastric sleeve recovery time, a person may want to resume many of his/her previous activities after a few days, but he/she should note that an important part of his/her body has completely changed. So he/she should prioritize his/her health.

It is forbidden to go to the gym and do heavy sports activities for 2 months during the Gastric sleeve recovery time. Also, a person should avoid driving for a while until he/she feels that he/she would can his/her seat belt and press the pedal. In the case of pregnancy during the recovery period after sleeve surgery, doctors usually recommend that this matter be postponed for one to two years.

The set of these changes in the person's activities plus extensive changes in the diet after the sleeve operation may cause the person to feel frustrated and finally depressed. You should know that this problem is normal and fortunately, it is temporary after several weeks the depression will improve (sometimes even without the medication).




Does surgery hurt more the next day?


The amount of pain after the surgery is neither too much nor too little, on average. There is still an IV in your arm and you can ask for pain medication for comfort if it hurts. Generally, share whatever you feel you need with your nurse and doctor; because everyone's reaction to pain is different. Since gastric sleeve surgery is an invasive type; Therefore, about 5 or 6 small incisions are made on your abdomen to remove a large volume from the stomach. This incision is often in the lower left quadrant of your abdomen or may be on your right side. Of course, these incisions will be sutured and bandaged, and you will probably experience the most pain in this area.

At this point, you will feel general pain throughout your abdomen while you are lying in a hospital bed. Also, you may experience residual nausea from anesthesia, which usually does not last long and you recover quickly.



What is the best diet for Gastric sleeve recovery time?


After surgery, you are usually not allowed to eat by mouth. Some surgeons allow their patients to do oral swabs. Others allow a cup of ice every few hours. You will usually feel thirsty, unfortunately, it is not possible to eat anything until the next day.

Because of the placement of the tube (the breathing ET tube during surgery), your throat will be swollen and painful, so expect it to be a little uncomfortable to eat or drink at this stage. You will feel tired and you may think that you are hungry, but due to the changes made and the removal of a part of your stomach, the level of the hunger hormone will decrease and you will not feel hungry.



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