Dental laminates procedure

Dental laminate, which is sometimes also called veneer, is a thin veneer that is the same color as the tooth and is designed to improve the beauty of the smile and the overall appearance of the person. When small pieces of laminate are placed on the teeth, they change the color, shape, size, or length of the teeth to the person's desired condition. In addition to aesthetic benefits, laminates also have other benefits, such as increasing the strength of the teeth compared to tooth enamel, and by covering misalignment and other tooth defects, they make the row of teeth appear neat and uniform.

Laminates can be made of porcelain or resin composite materials. Porcelain dental laminates resist stains better than resin composites. Some people prefer porcelain veneers because they are more resistant to stains and their light-reflecting properties are closer to natural teeth. You should consult your dentist about choosing the most suitable veneer material for your teeth.



Types of dental laminates

Dental laminates are classified into two types: composite veneer and ceramic laminate. The type of dental composite laminate is more popular due to the choice of color type and its small thickness (usually 0.5 mm) and also the lack of need for tooth sharpening. Among the other advantages of composite laminate, we can mention the modification of the smile design and its shaping according to the physics of the face. You can also take advantage of tooth restoration services that are easily performed by a specialist.

Dental ceramic laminate or porcelain veneer, the price of which is relatively higher than the composite type, in most cases it needs to be sharpened and sometimes shaped, and it is usually made in the laboratory, but it has more variety in terms of choosing the type of material and transparency and of course its beautiful appearance. Because of its quality and durability, this type of laminate is better for people.


Comparison of ceramic laminate and composite veneer


basis of comparison

composite veneer

ceramic laminate


Average price


Length of treatment

One day, in one visit

At least two visits with an interval of 15 days


It has

it does not have


5 to 7 years

10 to 15 years


There is a possibility of falling off

It is more durable and less likely to break

Need a laboratory

it does not have

It has

Scope of application

Minor dental problems

A wide range of dental defects

Smudge ability

Stain prone

Stain resistant




Applications of dental laminate

Dental laminate is an ideal option for situations where the original tooth has contour, shape, or color defects and is usually used to correct the following:

-Teeth that are discolored due to Endodontic therapy, tetracycline or other medications, excessive fluoride intake, the effects of filling resins, and other reasons.

-Teeth that have changed due to erosion.

-Cracked or broken teeth

-Disorganized, uneven, or irregular teeth

-Spaced teeth (to close the gap between teeth)

What people cannot laminate their teeth?

Dental laminate is not suitable and not recommended for the following people:

-People whose teeth are unhealthy due to decay or active gum disease.

-People whose teeth are weakened as a result of decay, fracture, and filling (in large teeth).

-people who do not have enough enamel on the surface of their teeth.

-People who grind their teeth. Because this habit can cause the veneers to crack or break.




What are the advantages of dental laminate?


-Smile Design Correction: As you know, having a beautiful smile is one of the criteria for beauty. Dental laminate can make your smile look more beautiful and increase your self-confidence with the cover it creates on the yellowed teeth.

-Low invasiveness of laminate: Usually, to install dental laminates, some of the crowns of the tooth must be cut, but the amount of this cut is less compared to similar methods, and the teeth are not damaged much.

-High resistance to color change: One of the advantages of dental laminate is high resistance to yellowing and color change. If you follow the health tips and pay special attention to your diet, you can enjoy the shine of the laminates for a long time.

- Natural appeal: because the laminate teeth are available in different colors, you can choose the closest color that is close to the color of natural teeth.

-High durability

-Short-term treatment 



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