Otolaryngology services in Iran

The ENT (Otolaryngology) is one of the most important medical trends, in which many people study in the field every year. The ENT clinic is a place where a number of ENT specialists work and visit patients. Otolaryngology services in Iran are provided in this clinic. One of the main services that is included in the ENT department is cosmetic services related to ENT surgery. Cosmetic surgeries are very popular today. Therefore, the number of specialists who perform this surgery has increased more than before. So we have tried to provide you with comprehensive information in this field so that you can find the best Otolaryngology services in Iran with full knowledge of the points. 

About Otolaryngology services in Iran (ENT Clinic)


The field of medicine is divided into different branches. One of the main and key branches of medicine is ENT. A physician and surgeon who specializes in this area can treat disorders, complications, and diseases related to the ear, nose, and throat. This branch has different tendencies. This means that each of the Otolaryngology specialists can work in a specific field.

An Otolaryngology clinic is a place or a specialized clinic where several ENT specialists work. Each of these specialists may work in a specific and unique field. Some of the main specialties that specialists in the ENT clinic include rhinoplasty, treatment of ear disorders, laryngeal surgery, as well as pediatric ENT specialists.


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Otolaryngology services in Iran include sufficient equipment and facilities for treatment of diseases related to the ear, throat, nose, head and neck, and the treatment of disorders is done under the supervision of specialists and in the best way. In the following, we will introduce the Otolaryngology services in Iran that are provided in a specialized clinic for ear, nose and throat.

Some of the Otolaryngology services in Iran


As we mentioned, in an Otolaryngology clinic, many specialists work in specific areas of the ENT. This means that all of the services related to Otolaryngology are provided in these clinics and it is possible to treat the disorders of these specific departments in this clinic. In the following, we have mentioned in a more specialized way the services that are provided in these clinics. Some of the main services are as follows:

1- Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that many people have done. Therefore, this specialty can be considered as one of the most important and popular specialties of ENT clinic. This surgery is performed by an ear, nose and throat surgeon, which means reshaping the nose while maintaining its function. In this surgery, many nasal problems can be treated, including its size, its fleshiness, its hump, its width and sagging, or its bifurcated tip.
Rhinoplasty is also one of the most sensitive cosmetic surgeries that you must be careful in choosing a surgeon. If you are planning to go to an ear, nose and throat clinic for rhinoplasty, try to make sure of the high level of expertise of the doctors of that clinic, and also check the samples of previous surgeries before having rhinoplasty.

2-Treating nasal disorders

Otolaryngology services in Iran also include treating nasal disorders, which are completely separate from rhinoplasty. Treating nasal polyps, nasal tumors, nasal obstruction, olfactory disorders, as well as sinusitis and rhino sinusitis problems are the main treatments offered by specialized.

3- Treating ear disorders

Problems such as hearing loss or heaviness in the ear are also disorders that you need to go to an ear, nose and throat clinic to treat. A specialist in the field of ear and its disorders can also treat the following problems:

-Ear infection
-Hearing loss due to aging
-Rupture of the eardrum
-Protrusion of Ear 
These disorders can occur for a variety of reasons, but you should seek the help of an ear, nose and throat specialist to treat them. Try to be careful in choosing the ENT clinic.

4-Treating throat disorders

Inflammation and disorders of the tonsils are one of the main disorders that may affect the throat. People who have tonsils in their throat, it is better to have surgery and removal of tonsils from childhood. This surgery is performed by an ear, nose and throat specialist in a specialized clinic.
 Cost of Otolaryngology services in Iran
Generally, the main factors affecting the cost of treating are as follows:

-Type of patient surgery
-The cost of tests performed for diagnosis or treatment.
-The cost of medical drugs
-Specialist salary fee


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