Cost of neurosurgery in Iran

When a patient needs neurosurgery, two questions will be asked: Which surgeon and which public or private hospital?! But sometimes choosing a hospital can be very difficult, especially when it comes to major neurosurgery and spinal surgeries. But what are the strengths and weaknesses of these two hospitals? It is clear that the cost of the patient in these two types of hospitals will be very different depending on the type of insurance, but this factor, although very important and decisive, but not everything. So In this article, we want to explain about Cost of neurosurgery in Iran for patients who intend to have this surgery.

Who is a neurosurgeon?

Cost of neurosurgery in Iran
The neurosurgeon, in addition to specializing in the field of the brain and its components, will also perform professionally in treating of spinal disorders that require surgery or treatment with non-surgical methods. Some brain and spinal disorders will definitely require surgery for treating, so it is necessary to see a neurosurgeon to treat such diseases.
Some neurosurgeons have gone through separate courses of cerebrovascular surgery, cranial base tumors, and spinal surgery while learning the knowledge needed for their specialty. Therefore, a neurosurgeon has been able to have more control over a variety of neurological diseases as well as the spine.The neurosurgeon, after diagnosing the disorder or disease of the brain and spine, was able to treat the disease. 

What are the specialties of a neurosurgeon?

Cost of neurosurgery in Iran
The neurosurgeon uses surgical and non-surgical methods to treat different diseases and at different ages. In fact, most neurosurgeons work to control the condition of a person with a spinal disorder. Because research has shown that the incidence of these disorders is higher compared to brain disorders.
Spinal disorders are usually caused by factors such as old age, injury, tumors, infections and congenital malformations. The following can be treated by a neurologist and spine specialist:
-Brain and spinal cord injury
-Vascular occlusion
-Chronic back pain
-Birth defect
-Brain and spinal tumors
-Peripheral nervous system problems.

Cost of neurosurgery in Iran: comparison between public and private hospitals

Public hospitals are often both medical and educational; In other words, part of the diagnostic and therapeutic measures are performed by the people under training. But on the other hand, in these centers, your doctor is usually a member of the faculty of the university, and it is expected that any diagnostic examination and any type of treatment will be based on current knowledge. It may be hard to believe that sometimes in the best private centers of the capital, scientific principles may not be properly observed, and the determining factor in this matter is the doctor and the surgeon in charge of the patient, who if a person is responsible and knowledgeable in both The type of hospital, diagnostic and therapeutic measures will be based on scientific principles, and with proper supervision, the risk of medical error by students and assistants, although not completely eliminated, but greatly reduced.
Another aspect of this choice is in the margins of hospitalization and treatment. In public centers, the waiting time for the patient and his / her hospitalization and treatment is usually longer. Some people will be very important and decisive.

The type of disease and the surgery are also very important. The length of hospital stay in some diseases is inherently long, such as brain or spinal abscesses that require long-term antibiotic treatment, and a long stay in a private center will be costly. On the other hand, although surgery for lumbar disc herniation and brain tumors may take from one to several days, a simple and unpredictable complication such as a urinary or pulmonary infection may increase this time, and you should be aware of such events. Consider hospitalization in private centers so that you do not face any problems. So with helping of your doctor and in addition to surgical equipment, consider Cost of neurosurgery in Iran then choose a medical center.

Cost of surgery in Iranian clinics

Estimating the cost of common diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for international patients

The average Cost of neurosurgery in Iran for international patients in some private hospital is as follows:
Lumbar spinal stenosis surgery: $ 3,000
Cervical spinal canal stenosis surgery: $ 3,000
 Lumbar disc surgery: $ 2,000
Neck disc surgery: $ 2,000
Brain Tumor Surgery: $ 5,000
Pituitary tumor surgery: $ 5,000
Spinal Tumor Surgery: $ 4,000
Brain endoscopic surgery: $ 4,000
Brain aneurysm surgery: $ 5,000
Triple nerve pain surgery: $ 4,000
Parkinson's surgery (DBS): $ 2,000

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